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The Forgotten Stairway
The Forgotten Stairway


What we know now is that Ajani has existed for an unknown many centuries and what few records survived are constantly being studied for further clues or information. The Early Age of Ajani was a forward-thinking time of great advancement and collaboration. It is believed a royal line of Kings ruled although even that information is mostly speculation. The only great figures detailed in the ancient texts are the Eternals.

Early Age

Calling it the Early Age is the simplest way to explain that it came before the time of Rediscovery. During this period the vast expanse below ground was carved that would eventually hold the gigantic city of Ajani. What it is that drove these folk to delve into the earth is unknown but it eventually lead to their downfall when something refered to as the Voidfog Curse permeated the depths.


Intrepid explorers jaysea and MibaAlzich came upon the remains and to this day work to bring it back to its former glory!

Pillars of Ajani

The Pillars represent the seven ancestral Eternals who have each left their mark. Within Ajani there are numerous shrines and temples dedicated to the Eternals but it is believed that below the founding stones of each massive pillar a different elder is slumbering. Whether by their own design or as a tribute to their accomplishments, a different aspect came to represent each Eternal. These aspects weren’t always something as simple a virtue but more like reminders of who they were or what they did. The Pillars of Ajani were constructed to honor the Eternals as key figures in the path that the civilization has taken, for better or worse. Even the darkest days would impart lessons to those wise enough to find them.

The Eternals

Throughout the Early Age of Ajani there were seven beings that came to overshadow all others (even Kings and Lords). We know of these prominent folk—called Eternals—through the few intact manuscripts that survived the Voidfog Curse. It is written that these seven were born to Ajani families at varying times and quickly displayed not only staggering intellect but supernatural healing; regeneration so powerful it was believed they could not die. The weathering of time had little to no effect on the Eternals beyond reaching adulthood.
The first Eternal was Kochack. In the beginning of the Early Age he was born to a mining family and destined to help carve the cavern walls of future Ajani. Apparently surviving a severe cave-in when mining, and days later crawling from the rubble unscathed, it came to the attention of the Ajani King of the time that this was no ordinary man.
Beyond Kochack, six more Eternals were blessed unto Ajani. People celebrated them—whether they good or ill in nature—and raised temples and eventually built the Pillars of Ajani to commemorate them forever in the history of this impressive civilization.


(Banner features Five Pillars, which are symbolic but also stand in height from cavern floor to ceiling to help support the landscape above from collapse. Symbolism of the Seven Pillars: While the Elder Civilization possessed their own meaning that is mostly lost from inability to translate the ancient dialect, they now stand to represent ideals of the Rediscovered Age.
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