Official Baywalk Banner
Official Baywalk Banner

Baywalk is a sprawling village of cobblestone and wood, basic in style and function. It is located in Okaem, south of Capetown, in a region known for nothing special and possessing of no outstanding features. The town is built around the waters of the Sailor Coast and most of its inhabitants make their living from the sea. Fishing and general farming are a way of life in Baywalk. There are few if any specialty shops and in general, Baywalk makes no claim to fame in any general way save athletics.

Baywalk is home to Infinity Field, the largest stadium in Vetronia, easily capable of seating thousands of Vetronians to enjoy sporting events. The village’s home team is the Baywalk Breakers, who have a long and storied history of victory in their stadium.


Street Map of Baywalk
Street Map of Baywalk
Baywalk was settled many, many years ago by the bizarre artist named Pherian. Known to most of the world as a cartographer and ironically a hermit, Pherian arrived in Vetronia and promptly swam south off the central island, braving the ocean for hours and days until he finally touched land on the Sailor Coast. Greeted by Capetown’s organized and thorough Governor, Okarim, Pherian established a genial relationship with the man then continued south once more.

He discovered an inlet along the coast that touched the edge of the hills that the enigmatic Hledger called home. Pherian settled there, building a small structure that gradually grew until it became the StoneWall Inn. He added additional homes to the area as wanderers and explorers traveled out of Capetown and into the wild. Some settled in Baywalk permanently. Some became frequent visitors. Most logged Baywalk as a decent place to visit, but not a place they’d like to call home.

Pherian continued to expand Baywalk, adding a library, mansion, public farm, public mine, rail station, shops and more, until he felt that the settlement was appropriate enough to call a village. Then he and TheBayouBullet began construction of Infinity Field, the largest domed stadium in the world.

Baywalk eventually branched into the fortified settlement called HillWalk, which acts as the fishing village’s protective bastion against an aggressive world.


The architecture can best be described as cobblestone held together with mortar and willpower, topped with wood, which was chopped with a blunt stone axe and tied together with hopes and dreams.

Notable Structures & Landmarks

  • Infinity Field
Baywalk’s landmark. Over 120 meters high and nearly 200 long and wide, the stadium is a massive testament to hard-work and man’s ability to build things that will never, ever be properly utilized.
  • StoneWall Inn
Upon entering Baywalk, most people will eventually run into the StoneWall Inn, a tavern and hotel built into the side of a cliff, which has been gradually hollowed out to make rooms. The StoneWall Inn does not do a good job of welcoming visitors, and its rooms are barren, which may be a good reason why it rarely has customers.
  • Baywalk Library
The library has a lot of books that it won’t let you read. Because the librarian, Ignatius Van Rooble, is a huge jerk-face.
  • BayClub
This abandoned building originally acted as a hub of sorts for some of Baywalk’s premier citizens. Then everyone left, and the building was mostly abandoned. Now its home to the ghost of Michael, a man who built well and meant well, but since his passing has turned to mostly haunting and annoying people.
  • Village plots
Baywalk does not charge for living in its area. Permission should be gotten from Pherian to build in an area considered within the Village limits, but there is no fee. Pherian’s mindset is that the world is huge and people can build wherever they want; if they choose to build nearby, then you get neighbors, and that is generally considered a good thing.


  • Housed on and in the hill to Baywalk’s west, HillWalk looks over the village and Infinity Field. With its steep cliff faces, imposing fortifications, and elaborate street lighting, the fort of HillWalk does its best to be a protective bigger-brother to the smaller Baywalk.