Image |Figlonia is a small bustling town on the edge of the Tryamer and Okeam. It is currently owned by Figalo_Foo. Figlonia has no distinct building style as it does not want to limit anyones imagination. It was established in April 2012. Its current areas are downtown, and East Shore. Downtown consists of the Spleef Arena, the PvP Arena, and The Figlonian Towers. The East Shore consists of the housing district (designed by Pherian). Figlonia holds the only 2 Floor Spleef arena. the arena is an ancient roman colleseum feel. The PvP arena is 3 floors and has stairs from floor to floor. The Towers have 6 floor each and are residential and commercial.||

The City


Figlonia was once just simply known as the city connection. It was founded by lumberjacks to help connect the cities inTrymer and Okeam that were around what is now the canal. There were many small cities and towns around it that came and went. some were mining towns others were hunting camps, but now city connection is the only one left. now it is called Figlonia and is a gateway to the wilderness. It is one of the only cities that will allow portalships to be docked there for no additional cost. It also has an embassey row for cities with ships nearby.


Figlonia now has a small nieghborhood with many houses and open plots and close access to a mall.
It has a small beachfront outside the mall that gives a wonderful view of the harbor.
On the east side it has a small fishing dock with boats going out to fishing communities all over the region.
Figlonia is currently the only city in Palana.
It has a population of 7 residents and 1 public Furnace house.


Figlonia has a mix of architecture ranging from its wooden houses, to its stone government buildings, to its brick archway.
Any style is accepted in the city.
For embasseies the style must be relevent to the city it is representing.


Outside the city walls is an unprotected free build village. Anyone can build and residence there but are unguarded from the mobs that live it the great forest.
Past the Village it a large forest known as the great forest. On the southeast side it an oak and birch forest on past the river on the northwest side it a pine forest.
When you get past the pine forest to the north is a large desert with small settlements.
There is a rail going to the desert from the city train station.