Official Freya Banner
Official Freya Banner

Freya is a guild village located in the Queen Freya Islands district of the Trymaer Region, the southwestern most region in Vetronia. Freya is unique in that its the only village in Vetronia where citizens are granted free residence based off of an McMMO skill. Freya's specific skill is Fishing, where you need to obtain a level of 250 or greater to be granted free residence.

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Freya is named after Queen Freya – Heir to the Vetra throne.

Vetronia was suffering from a severe drought. Wheat would not grow, watermelon was hard to come by, zombie meat was poisoness. Cattle and pigs were difficult to raise because of this, also leading to an unreliable food source. Vetra's fish population dropped to alarmingly low numbers. Queen Freya took it upon herself to find another source of food. She sent out a ship, the Alexandra, to locate a place in the world that is not suffering from droughts. After 3 months of looking, they finally found something. A large island, suitable for a colony and a fish population that could feed the world 100 fold.

After being established for 20 years – Freya, as is what the Colony was now named, is flourishing. At one point, Freya was the richest city in the world! Not only was the fish used for food, but also for oil. Back then they did not have Glowstone as they do now, so fish oil was used to light the world.

Through the years, Freya has seen its up sides and down sides but its main focus is still the fishing community.


The architecture can best be described as Elizabethan architecture with a twist as evident of the clock tower

Notable Structures & Landmarks

  • Clock Tower
Freya's landmark. It stands at over 80 meters tall. It is going to be used as a train station from the Trymaer Hub.
  • Freya's Pier
Off to the northern side of the clock tower, the pier is designed for boats to come in to enjoy the village.
  • Fish house
This is where fishing boats dock to deliver their daily catch. The food is then prepared to be sold by its own restaurant or shipped to nearby cities and towns.
  • Seamen's Bethel
This church is dedicated to the people who perished at sea who came from Freya's shores. Next to it is the Seamen's Cemetary, where, if recovered, the deceased seamen would be buried.
  • Village plots
These plots are for free for those who qualify. The plots will be 20 x 20 (still working with the height dimension). They can be found behind the clock tower.
  • Granas National Park
Granas National Park is a park that features untouched landscape. The spotlight here would be the Granacliffs, where a waterfall falls to the bottom of the ravine to create a river. People have enjoyed camping and picnics at this park.
  • Union Bridge
Union Bridge is a large bridge, a span of 96 meters, connecting the island of Freya to the mainland. The bridge is designed for walking and cart, where the cart system will take the rider to the Trymaer Hub. The Union Bridge is still a work in progress and tracks won't be laid until Freya is fully completed.

Future Buildings

  • Guild House
  • Hamlet