Gilead was once a thriving kingdom, known for its magic, and its swordslingers.
Arthur Eld was the proud ruler, and the wielder of the legendary sword Excalibur.
The line of swordslingers prospered, and held watch over the world from this
fortified kingdom, until the kingdom fell to John Farson in one of the Great Wars,
and lay in ruin for many years.

Now that the battle for the Dark Tower has been won, a new decendent of Arthur
Eld has arisen to take control of the lands that this vast empire once occupied.
StevoP80 has dedicated his life's work to restoring the glory of Gilead, and with
it, the glory and triumphs of the swordslingers.


Arthur Eld was the first king of Gilead, and the patriarch of the line of swordslingers. Swordslingers are the sworn protectors
of the world, and continuously were called to fight the minions of the Crimson King who sought to destroy the bonds between
worlds, and with them all worlds themselves.

After the passing of Arthur Eld, the legendary sword Excalibur was melted down, and its steel was infused into the weapons
wielded by the swordslingers for many generations. It is said that only a swordslinger wielding one of these weapons can open
the doors to the Dark Tower and do battle with the Crimson King himself.

One of the most famous decendants of Arthur Eld was Roland Deschain, son of Steven and Gabriella Deschain. When
Roland was a boy, Gilead was sieged by one of the Crimson King's lieutenants named John Farson. Farson was able to
defeat the kingdoms defenses, and Gilead fell into ruin. Roland set out on a mission. To find the Dark Tower, and defeat
the Crimson King.

Under Roland's watch, the battle of the Dark Tower was won, and the Crimson King defeated. Since then, Roland's followers
have made sure that no others seek to pick up the Crimson Kings work of trying to destroy the worlds.

After the fall of the Crimson King, a new descendant of Arthur Eld was born. StevoP80 grew to be a strong and powerful ruler,
who has dedicated himself to rebuilding Gilead, and all of the glory it once had. He sits upon the Iron Throne with pride, and
rules with a fairness and kindness not seen in Gilead for many centuries.


A scenic shot of Gilead from the main entrance.

The architecture of Gilead is unique. Each iron block that is used contains a tiny fraction of the steel that once made
Excalibur. The magical properties infused make it one of the strongest materials in the world. Other materials include
items from the Nether, selected for their magical properties as well, and also because they lend a nice contrast to the

Gilead also encompasses a mountain, as well as a ravine. The castle proper is located above ground, scaling and surrounding
the mountain, while the undercity is housed in the ravine. This design brings a varied, and beautiful aesthetic to Gilead that isn't
matched anywhere in the world.

The design style is comprised of feudal and fantasy, blending the two as seemlessly as possible.

Notable Structures & Landmarks

  • The Ivory Tower
Gilead's most visible landmark. This tower is comprised of iron and netherbrick, stretching many meters into the sky, and is
adorned on top with a flag carrying Gileads standard. The Ivory Tower also stands as the polar opposite to the Dark Tower.

  • Tree of Ka
Visible for many leagues outside of Gilead, the Tree of Ka is a giant symbol of life, reminding the inhabitants that life moves
on just as the world has, and brings hope and joy in this new era of peacefulneess.

  • Diamond of Lud
The Diamond of Lud is a diamond shaped structure comprised of glass and obsidian. It houses the enchanting hall where
many of Gileads magical activities take place.

  • Hall of Our Fathers
This structure is enclosed inside the mountain that the Ivory Tower sits atop. This is the place where Arthur Eld held court,
and today is the meeting place for the elite upper echelons of Gilead's society. StevoP80 sits upon the iron throne that is
located here.

  • The Undercity
The Undercity is the bustling city portion of Gilead. Many of the kingdoms craftsmen and residents take up shelter here. As
well as having access to the mines below Gilead, it also houses the fortified structure of Gileads bank and vault.