Highmoor Official Banner
Highmoor Official Banner

The City of Highmoor, resplendant in ancient glory, is built on the bones of an ancient civilization, the K'ian. Since its modern resurgance, Highmoor has adopted a culture of living in and with its surroundings, and seeks to expand its influence over the surrounding regions and establish the Xhoirho nation-state.

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Highmoor is located Southwest of Vetropolis, in the Trymaer Region. It is currently most easily accessed by Portal Airship at Vetropolis' Aipship Port, or Vetronia Rail, by taking the West Line and then heading south at ADM. Its coordinates are approximately X -4300 and Z 1700.

Using VeteranCraft's Dynmap (when it's working), you can view a live aerial view here: Dynmap-Vetronia-Highmoor(external link)

Fact Sheet

TrymaerSouthwest Vetronia
Xhoirhian HighlandsExtreme Hills biome
Minecart RailActive
Portal AirshipsActive
Portal ShipsForthcoming
Green on White
Flower of Life behind a Hill
"Awake, Oh Man, and be Wise."quoted from Thoth
Districts and Plots


Highmoor is situated on the peak, slopes, valleys, caves, and the surrounding land of a mountain in an Extreme Hills biome. It is located on an isthmus connecting the Trymaer penninsula with the Vetronia mainland. Two lakes meet up with Highmoor, and plans are underway to connect theselakes to the larger bays and oceans beyond.

Each district in Highmoor was determined to have its own unique geography, which is hinted at in the district names.

Below Highmoor there is an ancient network of caves, mines, and chasms, once populated by the ancient K'ian race (see History). These caves are explored thoroughly, but remain protected and undisturbed for the time being.


Highmoor Castle - Completed

Highmoor Castle Under Construction
Highmoor Castle Under Construction

LightWarriorK's Mansion - Coming Soon

Highmoor Market - Under Construction

Central Rail Station and Skyport - Completed

Highmoor Rail Station and Skyport
Highmoor Rail Station and Skyport

The Central Rail Station and Skyport is built into the side of the moor itself, and consists of a full minecart rail station and a four-slip airport for standard-sized airships. There is also a Lounge for watching airships arrive and depart, as well as a control tower. For details on the functions and desitnations from the Station, please refer to the Transportation section below.

From the Station, access to Highmoor Market and Moor Road make it a central feature for the region, providing easy access to the Xhoirhian hinterlands.

Docks with Lighthouse on the Lake for Portal Ships - Coming Soon


The internal districts within Highmoor are 100% owned by LightWarriorK and will contain plots to be leased to interested individuals for full building rights. Details will be provided on each district as they are developed. LightWarriorK will also will be constructing various buildings throughout the districts as "seeds" to spur development and to maintain the city's contignuity and style.
  • Moortowne
  • Lamplight (9 Plots available)
  • The Valley
  • Lakeshore
  • Cliffside
  • Ridgeway
  • Westslope
  • Underhill

For information on plots, pricing, and regulations, please visit the Highmoor Real Estate page

Free Districts

External from the Highmoor City Limits will be the Highmoor Hinterlands, containing free districts ripe for building. These will be identified as they are made available.


Highmoor is currently serviced by a minecart rail line, with a station in under the moor itself. This station also doubles as the Skyport providing airship portals to Vetropolis and various cities.
V.A.F Lightskimmer
V.A.F Lightskimmer
Highmoor Rail Station and Skyport
Highmoor Rail Station and Skyport
Rail Station Platforms
Rail Station Platforms

In the future, the Lakeshore Docks will be available for sea-faring portal ships, should any wish to connect to Highmoor.

Highmoor's extensive road network connects all of the internal districts, with plans (see below) to extend to the entire Xhoirho nation-state and the rest of Trymaer and Vetronia. Construction of this nework will proceed on an as-needed basis.

Current Connections:
Connection with
Transport Type
Vetropolis Airship PortPortal AirshipV.A.F. Lightskimmer
Vetropolis Central Rail StationMinecart Rail LineNorth Platform
Vetronia West Line - All PointsMinecart Rail LineNorth Platform
Trymaer HubMinecart Rail LineSouth Platform


Highmoor has lofty plans for the future, and in order to accompdate these plans, it has gone through a rigorous process of determining where the districts and infrastructure will be placed. The image below serves as a concept for future development, but may be altered to suit the needs of the city as contstruction occurs.
Highmoor Concept
Highmoor Concept



The ancient history of Highmoor begins with the noble K'ian race, an aboriginal race of beings which have died out long ago. Living mostly in the caves and shafts below the moor, they were great thinkers and developed a rich mythology. Being a less advanced race, their knowledge of the wider world was severely lacking, often considering the world to be round and imagining wind and weather, and while they considered their land to be the entire world, it was in fact a very small portion of the now-Vetronia surface.

The K'ian legacy is seen most in the stories it has left behind, namely The Story of Xhoirho, The Littlest Par, and Sh'osuu Rising. These stories are chronicaled within the Highmoor archives, and will eventually be stored at the Vetronia National Archives in Vetropolis.

The places and characters in these stories, myth though they might be, have remained behind in the naming of the landscape, and of the surroundings.

The Middling Era

The K'ian have long-since vanished from this world, and when the Vetronians first came to these lands, it had been long abandoned. Some cursory surveys and exploratory mining seems to have taken place, but the secrets of the K'ian remained undistrurbed.

In June of 2012, a young Vetronian by the name of LightWarriorK stumbled upon the mountain, and found the caves leading deep into the heart of the world. There he found the ancient texts in a haunted dungeon, and understood the importance of where he stood.

The texts called this mountain "Yh'moorah," and named the world "Xhoirho." Other labels were given to the lakes and mountains, deserts and plains. It was obvious this culture knew the area very well.

LightWarriorK adopted all these names, though knowing he was a Vetronian citizen he would have to adapt some of the labels. Yh'moorhah was changed to Highmoor for its similar sound and apt description. Xhoirho could not be the name for the whole world, naturally, so it became the name of the nation-state to be formed around the city. Into this nation-state, LightWarriorK defined the districts of the Xhoirhian Highlands, the Sh'oal Forest, and the Lh'isaal Plains (formerly known as The Wastes). All of these areas, Highmoor will watch over and be responsible for.

Modern Highmoor

With the establishment of the Highmoor boundaries, work has begun in earnest to establish a thriving city. The first step was to develop a Workstation and Market, from which the Castle might be formed. At the same time, LightWarriorK established an Rail Station and Skyport with which to quicken relations between Highmoor and the rest of Vetronia.

Now, Highmoor is moving forward with leaps and bounds, destined to become one of the pillars of Trymaer society and in fact all of Vetronia.

Updated as events warrant!


Coming soon!