Cities:Isle of Pserimos        

Cities:Isle of Pserimos

Isle of Pserimos' Banner
Isle of Pserimos' Banner

The Isle of Pserimos is a moderately large island located in the Pserimos district of Syreaem. It's home to two of Vetronia's most recognizable and prominent citizens, terrorisly and ryanpitts. The island itself still holds a natural feel while also sporting many points of interest, and is rich in history and lore.


The Isle of Pserimos is located on Azyrae's Lake in the Pserimos district of Syreaem, due north of the region capitol of Vetra and west of Meat Mountain. Even though its location is moderately central, the isle is only used for residential purposes.


Portrait of Queen Azyrae
Portrait of Queen Azyrae
Before modern citizens settled the lands of Vetronia, the region of Pserimos hosted two ancient people, a girl and boy named Azyrae and Toryn respectively. They were cold, alone, and scared, having almost no resources to their names. They burrowed into a hastily dug hole in a small hill near a lava pit, which provided the two with much needed heat. The two finally found trees on the island, and began to develop the land and make it suitable for living, and eventually attracted other settlers to the land. They even built a pool of love to represent their budding romance.

Although they depended on each other for survival, their strategies and gods were different, and began to create a rift in their friendship. Azyrae and her followers worshipped the snake god, Pserimos, whose practices involved practicality and depending on the ground for resources and survival, while Toryn and his followers worshipped the hawk god, Mzurin, who preached innovation, grandure, and building into the skies. The two vastly different strategies caused Azyrae and Toryn to split into two different factions; each faction named Azyrae and Toryn as their respective leaders. The two quickly became enemies, competing for resources instead of cooperating.

More migrators to the region admired Toryn's grand and innovative structures, contributing to the island's flourishing. However, Queen Azyrae quickly became jealous and took matters into her own hands. Without her own followers knowing, she poisoned the water supply of the Mzurin worshippers with various deathly ingredients such as spider eyes and zombie flesh. Their residence in the sky caused a need for a singular water source being drawn to the ground and up to their homes. The rate of sickness increased rampantly, as Queen Azyrae also sabotaged all healing products stored in the sky city's reserves.

King Toryn confronted her, believing it was her followers that were sabotaging his people. Queen Azyrae, delighted by the success of her sabotage, offered to address King Toryn's citizens and promise help in a mass meeting of all of the island's inhabitants. During the ceremony, Queen Azyrae shocked the citizens in a bold move of murder. She ended her speech with the words "By ground, we are nourished!" and thrust a diamond sword right through King Toryn's heart. She left Mzurin's followers to die, and began plundering their building supplies to dedicate the island completely to Pserimos and his practices, considering herself to be the highest authority in the area.

Her own followers were outraged, and began to leave the area in hoardes. Eventually, only Azyrae remained, and the original civilization of the island died when she did years later, after she built a statue on the ground of Pserimos, and began construction on an altar to him below it. The only structure left that was originally dedicated to Mzurin was the central water supply in the sky.

Modern Day

In modern day Vetronia, the Isle of Pserimos is now considered a residential settlement. A few features are still left from the first civilization of the island, and some structures are new and house some of Vetronia's residents. The recently discovered skeleton infestation under the island provides much needed fertilizer and hunting equipment to the residents and others who visit the island specifically.

Points of Interest

The Isle of Pserimos hosts many points of interest for tourists specifically, and provides many sights to behold. The Isle proves to be a great vacation spot for wandering Vetronians.

  • Isly's Mansion
The residence of terrorisly. The mansion, still unfinished, is made mostly of birch and sandstone, and is a popular spot for house parties because of its superior music selection and indoor pool. Rumor has it that one of the chests here contains her stash of diamonds mined exclusively from the Vetronian underside.
  • Snake's Underbelly Inn
The Snake's Underbelly is a small inn located just inside of the island's walls. It provides free food and drinks to visitors, and also a place to sleep for vacationers. It's known for the snake statue above it, encased in glass for preservation and the cozy, yet classy interior.
  • Pool of Love
A pool located closer to the center of the island, built in ancient times to represent the once budding romance between Queen Azyrae and King Toryn. It's speculated that Queen Azyrae left the structure in tact because she still had feelings for King Toryn, in spite of murdering him for her own jealous intentions.
  • Statue of Pserimos
A large, hollow statue of the snake god Pserimos that leads to an underground oasis, originally intented to be an altar. It's also rumored to be the location where Queen Azyrae physically died, and where her spirit still lingers.
  • Ryan Hom
A nice hom created perfectly for the people of ryan.
  • Mzurin's Fountain
The central structure to the Isle of Pserimos, and once the water supply of Toryn's people. Azyrae left it in ruins. However, it was recently repaired by modern settlers of the area.