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Official Ormir Banner

Ormir is a city carved into and above the mountains in the west of Vetronia,
in the region know as Lovicia, in the District of Orimaur. Mainly carved into and under the mountains Ormir is noted as the "City Set in Stone" or in the native language of the settlers in Ormir - Grilokattal Sultokat Sulkatshagoutto.
This Language is called Striega.


In a land to the far west of Vetronia was a sprawling nation only known as "Vux" or in Striega "Kororizet". The only records of this nation is the family tree of Mir and the events of a Crusade called "The Purge".

The Family of Mir was the ruling family in Kororizet along with 2 others called Ishi & Lor; Both of whom were the original families who started Kororizet. The family of Ishi had close ties with Mir and due to this Lor rebeled and with them several other families who owned large amount of Sirt(The money used in Kororizet) to supply weapons and land. With Most of the families locked into a civil war,The Purge came and with it the genocide of almost 3/4 of the population. The Idea of The Purge was simple, kill off those who could bring down Kororizet or exile them to the far north, but the main problem was that no-one could co-operate with agreeing to head north, thus the latter was never used fully. The Purge brought about more death just from the amount of dead that lined cities around Kororizet and because of this 2 Families left and started a trek east which would last almost 3 years and one family had perished on this journey, all that remained was The Family of Mir.

After the journey from the far west heading east The family of Mir(only 78 remained in the family) led by Orsha Mir made contact in a new land unexplore called Vetronia and several other groups of people, with this new contact came the begining of Ormir, and a new homeland for The Family of Mir.


In the land of Vux home to the once great nation of Kororizet people spoke a language not known to many, this language is called Striega, a ruinic language which can be translated into english but can take sometime.
Image from left to right the language in its ruinic form(A,B,C,D etc.)

Pronouncing Strieg Ruins
A= Paar B= Na C= Gri D= Zut E= To
F= Cas G= Ro H= Ki I= Lo J= Mor
K= Let L= Pa M= Vo N= Gout O= Sha
P= Tri Q= Tro R= Mel S= Sul T= Kat
U= Ori W= Qour V= Kor X= Zet Y= Tal
Z= Vid