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Sparta Official Banner

Sparta is a small town located in the Broadmeer District of Nova Vetronus. Owned by the powerful Governor NetherSpartan5, Sparta is a town which architectural backgrounds come from the glorious city-states of the Ancient Greeks. As one of the largest cities in Nova Vetronus, it's Sparta's military duty to prevent the enemies coming out of the West Line to cross over into the region of Trymaer and Lovicia. Many locals and residents in Sparta nicknamed the town "Military Might of the Midwest" for its duty to protect the others.


Sparta is located in a massive Plains biome in the Broadmeer District of Nova Vetronus. To its South is the ancient town Dwarf City, which fell under Vetran rule after an economic depression, and the West Line. North of Sparta is a small village owned by marshmap. To the East and West are a cluster of ruins that were left behind by those who left due to grief.


Lt. Governor
Chief Hoplite
Military General
Conservative Republic
"The IronMoors of Nova Vetronus"
National Anthem
"To Valhalla"
"First to the Fight"

Pre-History (Early Vetronia)

During the Great Vetronia Age, a group of nomads from the Northern Ice Lands called the Vivols settled in the present-day regions of Nova Vetronus, Lovicia and Trymaer. The Vivol were a peaceful people, choosing to mine rather than risk their lives at night fighting the undead. Under the command of the powerful King Njo Sparun the 2nd, the Vivols seperated into five different tribes: Mithundril, Crumine, Loran, Sho'ia and Rhor. Mithundril, also known as the Higher Arachy, ruled the Vivols and the four other tribes. The Higher Arachists were a group of elite warriors that since their birth, were baptised in the fire of combat. The Higher Arachists leader was King Njo Sparun, who constructed a list of rules the elite force were to follow. The only rule: Never love, the punishment for breaking this rule was death by fire. Njo was not a man of his word however, and married a women from the tribe of the Loran. Years after the marriage, the tribes of Sho'ia and Rhor began to fight over a large mountain known as the LithenMoors. The LithenMoors contained numerous amounts of diamond, gold and iron, something both tribes desired. King Sparun was tasked to maintain the peace in the area, but this would not be the case. The night before the King left for battle, a Higher Arachist Captain found the King's journal. The journal talked of the marriage of the King and the Loran women. The Captain spread the word to his fellow warriors, and the rest of Mithundril learned of the news. Later that night, a mob set the mansion of the King on fire. While trying to escape, a log beam fell on top of the Queen and killed her. King Sparun tried to save his wife, but his efforts failed. He retreated from the burning house into the Forests of Shi'oal where he found shelter from the Higher Arachists. During the next month, Njo Sparun bounced from one tribe to another, seeking safety from the danger that the Higher Arachists posed. One night, while Njo was asleep in the tribe of the Crumine, the townsfolk of Crumine were attacked by the Higher Arachists, and Crumine was burned to the ground. Sparun escaped and found out the four tribes of the Lower Arachy had been destroyed by Mithundril. Angered by the tragic events, Sparun sought the help of an Oracle from the Grave Marsh, just West of Mithundril. The Oracle gave Sparun an egg called The Egg of the Dragon. The Egg would unleash three forms of terror upon anything that moved. When opened, the egg would unleash a magical fire that could destroy entire forests, then it would release the imprisoned Armies of Ender, and the last thing the Egg would do is unleash the Ender Dragon into Vetronia. Njo, seeking revenge, took the Egg and hatched it in the LithenMoors. Sparun watched as his former town of Mithundril was destroyed by what seemed like Hell itself. Sparun then retreated back to the LithenMoors, where he lived for years until he died.

Medieval History (Vetronia Iron Age)

During the years of the Vetronia Iron Age, many miners and explorers settled the lands all over. Many names are well known, such as: meatbawllz and terrorisly. One explorer, named Pherian, went as far as to travel the unknown regions and name them to his liking. One place he name, was Medivann, the area before Nova Vetronus. Vetronia began to take shape to what it is today, with thousands of explorers settling and building towns. One such man, by the name of Okarim, created Guslandia. Guslandia was a town for all the government officials from the newly created town of Vetropolis. Another thing that happened during this time was the creation of a currency, called Shillings. Okarim constructed Guslandia non-stop and it wasn't until the eviction notice, that progress slowed down. Months after the Great Arrival, a sailor from the Northern region of Provicia arrived at Guslandia. His name was Njord Sparun the 4th. Njord was a distant cousin of Njo Sparun, and was deeply angered with the fact that the Mithundrils destroyed Njo's home. So Njord set out to construct a town in his name. While searching for a temporary house in Guslandia, Njord was greeted by Okarim, who pointed him to a tavern where they would discuss terms. Njord and Okarim went on about housing terms and deals until Njord asked if there was any land nearby that he could use. Okarim brought Njord to a large cavern that was ripe for mining. The two formed a friendship that day, and they went their seperate ways from there. Njord began to work, mining for weeks until he had enough diamond, gold and iron to buy present-day Vetra. With loads of Cobble Stone, Njord constructed the first building in the Cavern: The Quarry. The following day, Njord constructed an Inn, a Pub, Barracks, a Vault, a Bank and tons of other buildings. That night, Njord decided to call the town Havenshurg, and began to mine once again. Week after week of mining, Njord rose back up to the town to find of group of three explorers from the Kingdom of Noxtaila. The group was a band of survivors from a terrible Civil War that broke out over the control of the Capitol of Hillshire. The leader of the survivors, Jaffa, was the former Deputy Commander of the Noxtaila army and said he was ready to defend the town of Havenshurg in exchange for a plot in the town. Njord and Jaffa agreed to the terms and the survivors set off to build a house fit for living in. One night, while the town was dead silent, a group of pirates raided the Vault and took almost everything in there. When Njord awoke, he was deeply angered to find that his town had been griefed by the Norfold Pirates. Seeing that Njord was depressed, Jaffa and his men set off into the mines and came out with bags full of Diamonds and Gold. But the peace was not going to last, a lone Enderman killed one of Jaffa's men and was slain by Jaffa. When Jaffa saw the slain beast, his eyes opened wide and he ran off into his home. When Njord discussed what had happened with Jaffa, the soldier noted that the Enderman was that of the Endermorian Army, the Honor Guard of the Endermorian Empire of the Outer Realms. The Endermorians destroyed any city that the Vetronians built and killed many citizens of the Vetronian Empire. The leader of the Endermorians, King Slame, was a greedy and vile man. He was also the commander of the most powerful elite force of warriors of that time: The Ender Guard. Later that night, Njord saw a light from the opening of the Cavern. When he went to investigate, Njord saw that the Endermorian Army and the Ender Guard were closing in on the town. Njord quickly called Jaffa and his friend to arm themselves and prepare to fight. Njord raced down to the Barracks and armed himself, but when he was about to exit the Barracks, an Ender Dragon broke into the Cavern and began to spit fire all over Havenshurg. While looking for Jaffa, Njord found him sitting next to a large amount of TNT. Jaffa was injured in a blast caused by the Dragon and said that his friend was killed. With no other options, Jaffa sent Njord off to a safe place in the cavern and lit the TNT. The explosion was so powerful, it caused the Overhand to collapse on top of the Endermorian Army. When Njord searched the rubble, he found the body of the King Slame. Still angered by the destruction of Havenshurg and the death of Jaffa, Njord went into a rage. He set the rest of the town on fire and went to find the Dragon. While searching in the Vaults, Njord found a note that read: "Your town will fall. Along with you." When Njord looked up, he saw two purple eyes in the shadows. When he got a closer look, he dropped to his knees and was slain by the Dragon. Havenshurg is no more today, but NetherSpartan who found the ruins of Havenshurg, plans to build a memorial for the four residents of the great town. If you travel to the cavern that housed Havenshurg, you can hear the whispers of the spirits of the deceased. However, the Dragon's location is unknown and it's still a threat to present-day Vetronians.

Sparta-History (Present-Day Vetronia)

While working alone for two months, NetherSpartan5 noticed that many people among the server were not building small huts to live in, but rather large, grand towns where many people would take the time to help them. He quickly planned to build a small town and recruited two people to work alongside him. These two people were sioustorm and warfare2200. They quickly worked on a small wood hut outside the large town of Dwarf City. After cutting down the trees in the area, Spartan and sioustorm built a Visitor Center while warfare2200 built a house to reside in. After building plots of their own, sioustorm and Spartan moved into their homes and began to plan the next phase of the town. Armed with the bond of friends and ideas that were vast and glorious, Spartan set off on building the town in a rapid pace. Adding a farm, an embassy, plots, an enchanting room and a farm, he thought his work was complete. After the tragic loss of warfare, who left to take care of his personal life, Spartan began to see the future of his town crumble. After a few weeks of a "dark" feeling in the town, another tragedy occurred, Spartan lost a close family member and left to take care of problems. Sparta was now leaderless, the town now rested in the hands of sioustorm, who was unable to control the town against the vast amount of griefers in the area. Week after week, the town fell to the harsh effect of grief and the town was now hopeless. But after returning to Sparta, NetherSpartan5 sought to take revenge against the griefers. With the helpful donations of money, Spartan purchased the town and began to grow a military. Within weeks, multiple people began to purchase homes in the town and arm themselves. While watching the town grow and stockpile, the griefers saw the town was not to be messed with, they retreated into the nearby city of Alternia to prepare for a war against Sparta.Two months had past, and Sparta was reunited with warfare. Seeing his town move into a "peaceful" phase, sioustorm and Spartan moved the town into a "Diplomatic" structure. Forming bonds with the towns of SilverCliff, Shima Kimoto and Innsbruck. The strongest being the "Innsbruck-Sparta Alliance" and the "Kimotean Peace Pact". Sparta had now allied themselves with some of the strongest towns in Vetronia. But another town, had its sights on Sparta. Alternia had grown vast and it was ready to strike down anybody who dared. An act that changed the future of Vetronia, SilverCliff and Sparta declared war on Alternia for crimes against others. The war was long, and hard fought, but after coming out victorious in SilverCliff and winning a battle in Alternia, the SilverCliff and Spartan armies won the war. Alternians, now crippled and without much in the way of supplies, fell back in Alternia where the town fell to bans and economic depression. But all was not over for Alternia. After a massive uprising against the former leader erikteen, Alternia now rested in the hands of the mighty dictator: marinesbro23. After granting erikteen a pardon, and giving the former leader rights to direct the military, marinesbro23 rebuilt the town in what seemed like days. Alternia was once again becoming the Vetronia Power it was before, and Sparta took this with caution. While taking a walk one night through Alternia's streets, marinesbro23 was assassinated by erikteen. Alternia was now in the hands of erikteen, an entire military that could be used to devastating effect now rested in the hands of the most hated person in Sparta. Sparta took very little time to react. A defensive perimeter was set along the entire border of the Thebes-Sparta line and small strike forces known as "Pocket Teams" were sent to defend the West Line and prevent the Alternian Army from getting into Nova Vetronus. On Halloween, Alternia and Sparta clashed for the first time at a major transit known as the "Uguld". The Battle of Uguld was a long and bloody battle, and the Alternians overran the Spartan Pocket Teams in under twenty minutes. Things began to look in favor for the Alternian Army. After Uguld, multiple battles were fought along the West Line, such as: The Battle of the Forsaken Hills and Broadmeer. After gaining the military advice of Sgt_Hurls, NetherSpartan5 positioned his troops inside Sparta and prepared to defend the town. On November 8th, Alternian troops landed in Sparta and attacked NetherSpartan's Army. After several bloody hours of fighting, neither side pulled the advantage. During the fighting, a small warship carrying erikteen and a division of Alternian Special Forces landed outside Dwarf City. With the help of the local "Anti-Spartanites", erikteen cut a clear path into Sparta and surrounded the Spartan Army. With little hope left for the Spartans, talks of surrender and submission were made. But in a famous bill known as "Operation Uguld's Revenge", NetherSpartan5 and his troops would fight to death against erikteen. During OUR, NetherSpartan lost many of his troops and was injured in the fighting, but after hours of resistance, the Alternian Army was ambushed by a group of Innsbruck Special Operation troops and were destroyed in a matter of seconds. Erikteen once again fell back into Alternia in defeat, where he was banned shortly afterwards. Sparta was once again victorious and had a new ally: Innsbruck. The Post-War period didn't have much in the way of productivity, only a couple of shrines were put up in memory of the lives lost in the war .Now Sparta was a Vetronia Power, instead of being the desolate town it once was and it didn't look to stop. During a time known as the Donor Age, many Spartanians were becoming Donors and gained political say and power in Sparta. Also during this time, NetherSpartan5 and Sgt_Hurls knocked down a large mountain nicknamed "Stone Mountain" that would become the new area of Sparta. It has been nine months since the creation of Sparta, which many Spartans claim this to be the second-oldest town in Nova Vetronus, and the progress was still going strong. After several donations from others, work was to begin on a massive wall that would stand as a symbol for Sparta that progress was still going strong, and there were no plans to quit.

Points of Interest

Sparta's Road Transit Hub


The Transit Hub is the first building that will be in the new area of Sparta. The Roads that branch offf from the Hub are called passages, and head in each of the Cardinal Directions. When the town is protected in a couple of months, the Hub will have a Rail Station that runs underneath the town. So far, efforts to construct the roads are halted until a canal system is constructed.
Construction Began: March 29th, 2014
Status: Finished

The Warhouse

The Historical Warhouse
The Historical Warhouse

The Warhouse, constructed by warfare2200, is the oldest, long-standing build in Sparta. The site was one of the three original houses in Sparta, along with the 1st Visitor Center. The house doesn't have much of a history, but it has been used the Headquarters for Spartan and sioustorm during the Sparta-Alternian Wars. When not used as a military base, the warhouse has been used as a Storage unit for NetherSpartan5 while he moved his stuff into Thebes.
Construction Began: April 20, 2013? Ended: April 20, 2013? (Facts provided by the Spartan Historical Archives)
Status: Historical

Diplomatic Relations

Allies of Sparta

Like most towns, Sparta has allied themselves with other towns to ensure the well being of these great cities. Some, for military and political causes, others could be for the economic shares of the towns. Here are a couple strong alliances bound by NetherSpartan5 and others:
  • Innsbruck-Sparta Alliance
One of the strongest alliances in all of Vetronia, the Innsbruck-Sparta Alliance was brought forth during the Sparta-Alternian War, when Innsbruck's leader Sgt_Hurls and Sparta's leader NetherSpartan5 came to a meeting of multiple towns in the Nova Vetronus area to discuss if attacking Alternia first would be a good idea. Sgt_Hurls offered his support for Sparta in the war and stated that the defense of Sparta needed to be stronger and that the troops stationed near Alternia were to fall back. After winning the war, the two towns, formed a pact that will never be broken. To this day, Sparta and Innsbruck have been one of the longest-standing alliances in the area.

  • RavenCliff
After a long period of hatred for the two towns, NetherSpartan and TheFinalSnow have given up the War with Words. Not much has happened between the two towns. Although if in crisis, NetherSpartan will support RavenCliff and its people in any way he can. With the idea of a connection between other towns and Sparta, Nether plans to construct a road system that will reach from Sparta all the way to the city of Innsbruck and a possible connection with Highmoor and RavenCliff to promote diplomatic ties with the District of the Xhoirhian Highlands and the rest of Trymaer.

Enemies of Sparta

When there are allies, there are enemies. Sadly, some of these towns have been rivals with Sparta before the Innsbruck-Sparta Alliance. Here is the list of these towns.
  • Alternia
This... was one terrible rivalry. Due to the fact these two towns fought countless times. It all began when erikteen won a Dig Dug event. With large amounts of money, he purchased Alternia and began to fill the town with people. Week after week, he mocked others with a bitter tongue and started a bloody fight known as: The War. After being bullied by erikteen and his town, SuperSheep23 and vEchozZ of SilverCliff waged war against the Alternians. During the first phase of the war, Alternia got the upperhand by winning a major battle of their homefront. But after drawing Sparta into the war, Alternia's hopes for a victory were crushed. During the Battle of SilverCliff II, the Spartan's got their first crack at the Alternian Army. By then SilverCliff had allies from Clearlake, Sparta, Ox (now Shima Kimoto) and other powerful towns. After the massive bloodbath, Alternia fell back into their town where they were defeated by SuperSheep23 and the SilverCliff Army. Weeks later, Sparta and Alternia had their own war, which ended up in a Spartan victory. The two towns after that, fought in a war of words that eventually led to erikteen's ban.