Official Yertopia Banner
Official Yertopia Banner

Yertopia is a settlement-turned-town just north of Scottland in Vetronia. It was founded by yertrey, also known by his IRL name, Trey. His idea with Yertopia was to have a town where any Vetronian could live a happy life with many community supplies and happy neighbors. Yertopia is always growing and Trey is always accepting new tenants!


"How do I get to Yertopia?" you might be asking. Well, there are a few ways. The first way is to take the portal ship! There is a portal ship dock directly next to where you spawn if you type /spawn or have died. The boat is not in that harbor. It is in a new harbor whose location is hard to describe in words, so I have made a video showing you how to get there. Once we move you in, if you decide to live there, you can use /home to set it for easy teleporting - no need for walking to the harbor so often! (Until the embed plugin is set up, go to the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7M6GPDqX5g(external link) )

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Structures and Establishments

Within Yertopia are many buildings and areas made with its tenants in mind. Please visit all of these areas and become comfortable in the fine area!

Living Quarters
  • Hotel Rooms
The cheapest, currently, is a room in the hotel. These rooms include a bed, a chest, a furnace, and a chair. :-) Tenants of the hotel rooms have use, build, and container permissions within the room, but stealing from the hotel is illegal and would end in loss of privileges in Yertopia. The cost of a hotel room is 100 shillings for any length of stay shorter than a month. After a month, the 100 shillings can be put toward the cost of a plot, or another 100 shillings can be paid for an extended stay in the hotel room. Currently, only two hotel rooms are available, but the hotel is soon to be built up.

  • Plots
The most effective way to live in Yertopia is to have a plot to make beautiful and "your own!" Tenants of plots have use, build, and container permissions in the defined area of the plot. The standard plot size of Yertopia is 9x9x(9-13ish), which goes for 250 shillings. Other sizes of plots have been discussed with individual customers, where prices are decided on a one-to-one basis. If you would like a different size plot, let Trey know.

  • Apartments
This is an idea that Trey has just recently thought of, and it will be implemented soon. There will be a long building with rooms, each having a bed, chests, and possibly a furnace. The fee will be zero. However, the permissions will be more limited. The idea is that people may stay in the apartment until they have enough money to build and buy their own area, or until they decide to buy a plot in Yertopia. There won't be any build permissions, only use and container permissions.

  • Trey's Treasures
There is a general store in Yertopia called Trey's Treasures. Available in the store are tons of little things that a user might need to get quickly instead of going out to find on his own. Stop by Trey's Treasures if you have a small need that can be easily sufficed. If you think there's something that should be carried that isn't yet, let Trey know!

  • The Glass House
In the shopping district, near spawn, there is another store owned by Trey. The Glass House carries all glass and sand related things a Vetronian could need, and for prices that will make your /money account cry tears of joy. Available directly by the /shop commands are Glass Blocks, Glass Panes, Sand, Sandstone, and Sandstone Slabs. Available by request to Trey (because the /shop plugin is out of date) are Glass Bottles, Smooth Sandstone, Chiseled Sandstone, and Sandstone Stairs. Stop by The Glass House and surrounding Vetropolis shops!

Community Facilities
The Community Facilities run to help tenants have an enjoyable, fulfilling experience in Yertopia. They are open 24/7 and are free to use.

  • Farming Facility
The Community Farming Facility offers crops and supplies for all residents and passers-by so that they can be safe knowing that they have the ability to not be hungry or die of hunger. The only rule is to replant what you have taken. If it is found that one does not replant, one shall be removed from move permissions within the facility.

  • Working Facility
The Community Working Facility offers furnaces, anvils, and crafting benches so that residents may do work if they are not able to have these supplies in their own home, or if they live in an apartment, where building (placing blocks such as furnaces or anvils) is not allowed.

Other Buildings
  • Lighthouse
The lighthouse was one of the first buildings created in Yertopia, with hopes of luring travelers with her beauty.

About the Founder

Graphic of Trey's drummer skin, made by Pherian
Graphic of Trey's drummer skin, made by Pherian
Trey (ign: yertrey) is currently a high school senior, and more importantly, a musician who loves music wholeheartedly. He enjoys playing many instruments, mainly drums/percussion and bass guitar. He makes money gigging with those instruments. He is the Percussion Captain at his high school, running the award winning, Chapter Championship group whose videos are available **here**(external link). His favorite subjects of study are maths and sciences (aside from the band period, of course). Currently in Calc II, he's the president of his school's chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, the National Math Honor Society.