Innsbruck is a city located in the Grave Marsh district of Lovicia. Founded and governed by Sgt_Hurls, Innsbruck's architecture has been influenced by Medieval and Enlightenment-era Bavaria. The town itself consists of a walled city with several keeps and large towers, along with residential and commercial districts growing both within and outside of the walls. With plenty to see, Explorers, Merchants, Soliders and common folk will all find themselves at home in Innsbruck. A rising economic and military power, the city serves an important role in keeping the western regions of Vetronia safe from invasion and preventing enemies from moving eastward along the West Vetropolis Rail Way.


Innsbruck sits on the only plain of the Grave Marsh district in Lovicia, immediately south of the West Vetropolis Rail Way. To the west lies the splendor of Rhodes and the logging hamelt of Shaufling, while to the east and south are vast pine forests with several other towns that make up the majority of the region.


In trying to make something of himself, Sgt_Hurls learned of the vast riches of Vetronia and headed west from the capital to stake his claim and build an empire. Upon reaching the area that would later become Innsbruck, Sgt_Hurls settled down in a quaint log cabin and slowly began to plot the future of his empire. The early times were those of simplicity and hard work. But without work, there is no gain. Eventually wealth began growing and a more optimistic outlook on life could be felt by the local citizens. Friends were made, fields were planted, and a network of roads began to spring up across the district. Relations were improving with a neighboring settlement led by Scriptkitt3h until he contracted the Grief Virus and vanished seemingly overnight. Such a sudden departure of their friends had a resonating impact on the residents of Innsbruck, who now felt the need to harden themselves against future threats.

Being of a military-mind, Sgt_Hurls capitalized on the feelings of this subjects to move Innsbruck in a more militaristic direction, building training ranges, armories, and stockpiling weaponry in case of future conflict. Sgt_Hurls’ brother DarklingStallion joined him during these darker times and set up another castle just to the south of Innsbruck. The two leaders and their castles quickly forged an alliance bound by the blood of family, but alas, DarklingStallion made several critical errors in some of his construction projects and was thrown out of Vetronia.

Still seeking to gain allies, Sgt_Hurls offered his help to NetherSpartan5 of Ancient Greece and helped form the "Innsbruck-Sparta Alliance". When war broke out between Sparta and Alternia, Innsbruck sent a small contingent of forces to help the Spartan and SilverCliff troops, fighting a few skirmishes to help defend Sparta from the Alternians. Logistical strains and domestic commitments prevented any deeper involvement in the conflict, though the war was won and Alternia was reduced to a shawdow of it's former self. The post-war times mainly consisted of resource gathering and a restructuring of Innsbruck's economy as it slowly rose in presitge.

Things began to look brighter again once a portal ship docked in Innsbruck's harbor. Before long, all manner of goods and ideas were flowing into the town and Innsbruck became internationally recognized by many cities and citizens across all of Vetronia. The Innsbruck Cathedral rose, and shortly afterward there was an explosion in construction in and around the harbor. Merchants, bankers, and bakers all began flocking to the city, resulting in the construction of a shipping and delivery system to organize the flow of materials in and around the city. Loggers too came to the region and built the hamlet of Schaufling to the west of Innsbruck to supply the growing city with all it's lumber needs. A small agricultural revolution also occurred, as new farming methods were developed and large fields were planted to the west of the town with all types of crops that could be imagined. That brings us to do today, as Innsbruck continues to grow and find its place on the world's stage. The Innsbruck-Sparta alliance remains strong too, with ideas, labor, money, and raw materials now flowing between the two cities in addition to the military functions that first helped form the alliance.

Points of Interest

Habor District

Merchants and bankers have flocked to Innsbruck, bringing with the resources that have helped to build a beautiful Harbor District. Feel free to browse the local shops and admire their construction and decorations, or pop into one of the local food establishments for a tasty treat!

The Hoffbrau

The first restaurant and tavern to be built in Innsbruck, the Hoffbrau is an open and inviting place where people can grab a drink and catch up with old friends. Boasting an open-air design, travelers can also book a room in one of the cozy upstairs hotel rooms.

Farms and Vineyards

While other cities may have large, agribusiness-style farms, Innsbrucks has more modest-sized plantings that boast some of the latest crops and farming ideas in the land. No where else in Vetronia can you find a vineyard!

The Innsbruck Cathedral

With a classic medieval emphasis in Innsbruck, the city would not be complete without a Cathedral for the citizens to worship in and learn the holy scriptures.

Military Facilities

A strong military is key to Innsbruck's overall strategy and vision, and Innsbruck has the resources to properly equip and train a fighting force for any conflict. Visitors are welcome to use the archery range and rappel tower.