Lovicia: Overview and Geography

Lovicia is a Region and an awesome one at that. Lying along the western edge of Vetronia, Lovicia is filled with sights to see and history to learn! Most prominent in the region is the splendor of Rhodes. Encompassing the majority of the Barren Finger district, Rhodes features some of Vetronia's most impressive structures adorned in beautiful blue and gold decorations. To the east of Rhodes lies a large pine forest known as the Grave Marsh with several smaller kingdoms and towns, each proud in their own right, but often overshadowed by the majesty of Rhodes. While seemingly isolated by the pine forest, trade is beginning to emerge in the region as evidenced by the slowly growing network of roads and highways that can be seen linking the various towns.

Bisecting the region is the West Line of the Vetropolis Rail Way, which reaches it's western terminus near the border of the Barren Finger and The Rivers districts. There at the end of the line lies a small western frontier town, home to more ghosts than people and rarely visited except by the most journeying of people. This town has been the site of several skirmishes and small battles fought against barbarian invaders from the west that try to follow the VRW east towards the many rich kingdoms of Vetronia. Zombies and Skeletons of the deceased from these battles can often be found lurking in the area.

The northern half of Lovicia is rather sparsely populated, with only scattered structures and small towns populating the landscape. This part of the region has a distinct topography shaped by the forces of water. A large swamp lies in the middle of the region, straddling the northern half of the Grave Marsh and the southern section of The Rivers districts. Several rivers feed this swamp from the north (hence The Rivers district), having meandered widely acrossed the low-lying landscape. Both the low hills to the northwest of the swamp and the large alluvial sand deposits in this part of the region testify to these earth-shaping processes. Farther north and east from there, the landscape is mainly dominated by mixed spruce/oak forests and a series of plains that extend across much of the district of Orimaur.


The six districts that Lovicia is broken up into are: Barren Finger, Gowen Flats, Grave Marsh, Orimaur, The Rivers, and Rock Hold. Each has a history that hasn't been spelled out yet.