Dalferes has been playing on the VeteranCraft server since early June, 2012.

YOURNAME In-Game Avatar
YOURNAME In-Game Avatar
Dalferes' Portrait, by Pherian
Dalferes' Portrait, by Pherian


Dalferes came across VeteranCraft after his demise from an older server, where he was an active member, admin and beloved builder. In real life he enjoys computers as a hobby and his true love is Meteorology, yet no friction to make that a reality.

On Veterancraft, Dalferes is relatively outspoken, but tries not to be bias on his decisions. He prefers people to think for themselves, but is always down to help people. He enjoys giving his opinions and constructive criticism to other players. If he does not have an answer, he works his hardest to come up with a solution.

Minecraft History

Dalferes joined Minecraft in late February during the 1.3 Beta phase of the game. He played single player for about a month until he got use to the controls and in game mechanics. After that he create a small server with 2 other friends to enjoy the ability to play the game with other people. This fell through but Dalferes saw the capabilities and advantages multiplayer has over single player.

Dalferes was on a look for a new server and found a server that was 24/7. Although a small commuity, the server had its significant builds. Dalferes became a trusted member and got the approval to become operator on the server. His main building influences came from this server. Due to the owner's lack of interest in Minecraft, the server went down.

Dalferes was on the move again, finding a small server owned by a young Minecraft enthusiast. Dalferes was contemplating, but eventually settled on the server. Dealing with the growing pains, he was offered a co-admin job and learned the tricks of the trade on how to deal with griefers, stealers, etc. Dalferes also fine tuned his building on this server. Some of his finer builds were found on this server. The server eventually laid to rest for another server...

The owner of that server was tired of being an owner and moved onto another server. That owner invited Dalferes to come along, in which he did. The server was much larger and Dalferes saw it as his playground to really prove himself. After a couple of failed builds because of the server becoming corrupted for various reasons, Dalferes was beginning to lose trust in it. There was a streak of 3 months where nothing bad was happening to the server and Dalferes started going through their ranking system and eventually became Co-Admin. This server was more about moderating, rather than building, which Dalferes didn't favor, but he enjoyed helping other people on the server. Towards the demise of the server, Dalferes was wroking on a top secret building project, which eventually fell to the demise of the whole server.

After that server Dalferes moved onto VeteranCraft.

VeteranCraft History

Dalferes' server he called home for 9 months was gone. He was talking to a close friend he knew in real life about servers he could possibly find. His friend did not want him to join his server as he did not want to conflict with anyone he knew. His friend showed him MC server's website and Dalferes was on the look out there. Finding about 6 servers but could not find anything that was appealing. Dalferes was thinking to himself, "There's got to be a better server". Dalferes on the verge of passing out on his keyboard found a server named "VeteranCraft". Dalferes first joined VeteranCraft on June 3, 2012 at around 3:30am. Although not many people were on, he was warmly greeted by the Vetronians. Reading through the signs through the Mineshaft, he noticed they were demanding him to join and reference the website, which he did promptly. Because of Dalferes' tiredness, he told the members that he would not discover Vetronia until the next day.

On the next day he joined, he referenced the Live Map to locate an area to build. Dalferes set his eyes in the southwest area of the map. Dalferes took a boat from Bilgewater to arrive to the area. After ending up in the location he spotted, he realized the area was too mountainous. This mountainous area ended up being home to what would be Highmoor. Dalferes set sail again, this time heading more south. He landed on what he would find out to be a large island. His goal for this island was to recreate some of his old stuff and make them better, in a way to archive what he's done in the past.

His first build was home base. A demo was built on his last server. That version was made primarily of gold, but because of the legitimacy, had to replace the gold with sandstone. his other plan was to recreate his old city named Vauxhall. Vauxhall was originally designed to be a steampunk city but evolved to be a fishing village. Using this concept, Dalferes wanted to recreated Vauxhall with an updated twist. Vauxhall was then renamed to Freya. Lastly, Dalferes had a top secret project on an older server. This project was called Alexandra. Dalferes had intent to find the save that had the server, which he was able to obtain. Due to the large size of the world and the inability to convert it to a world file, the build was almost going to fall through. With Dalferes' obsessiveness of Alexandra, he decided to build it solely based off of memory.

During these building events, Dalferes became a trusted member and eventually a moderator of the server, serving its people as a protecter and helper of VeteranCraft.

Notable Builds

Freya Clock Tower
Trymaer Hub




Emperion City(external link)
Although Dalferes did not build this city, some of his builds can be found in it, most notably his first version of the clock tower.
Dalferes' old mansion(external link)
This mansion was found on his last server

Dalferes has several other awesome builds but are not documented on the internet.