LightWarriorK has been playing on the VeteranCraft server since early June, 2012.

LightWarriorK In-Game Avatar
LightWarriorK In-Game Avatar
LightWarriorK's Portrait, by Pherian
LightWarriorK's Portrait, by Pherian


LightWarriorK is an immigrant to Vetropolis from the venerable Minecraft Forums, where he had served as staff since February of 2010. He is an adult with a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in real life, and a full time career in Transportation Planning.

On the server you will find him to be very quiet, likely to keep out of most idle chit-chat except for inserting an quib or anecdote when appropriate. However he is always willing to help those who have shown themselves capable of learning and not needing things explained more than once, and he loves direct and relevant conversation.

Minecraft History

LightWarriorK began playing Minecraft on July 18, 2009, just over 2 months into Minecraft's early development. He quickly gained notoriety on the official Minecraft Forums(external link) for posting mature and well-crafted posts and suggestions, and in February of 2010 he was offered a position as Global Moderator.

Over the next two years, LWK helped with the running of the MCF, eventually becoming an Admin and responsible for running the super-secretive MCF staff server so MCF staff could have a place to play Minecraft without being subjected to trolls and flames of the everyday player.

LWK also secretly suspects that he is to thank (blame?) for in-game Furnaces for smelting instead of the original fire-smelting, since his Crafting Tech Tree suggestion(external link) was posted and emailed to Notch 8 days before Furnaces first appeared in-game. He also dreamily hopes that one day his Alchemy suggestion(external link) will one day make it into the game, even if through a mod.

Around July of 2011, his time on the MCF was sevrely cut due to increased work schedules IRL, and finally in the Spring of 2012, tendered his resignation as staff at the MCF. This coincided, luckily, with his discovery of a brave new world, Vetronia, in which to explore.

VeteranCraft History

Foresaking all shred of offical responsibilities when it came to gaming, LightWarriorK officially migrated to VeteranCraft on June 3rd, 2012. Up to this point he never had any desire to play on a public server, nor to jump through the insane hoops and red tape that most good private servers required. But the mix of maturity and good rules for VeteranCraft instantly caught LightWarriorK's attention.

Having discovered Vetrancraft during down-time at work IRL, he was was not able to instantly play, so the first few hours of LWK's VeteranCraft experience was spent reviewing the forums, guides, rules, and DynMap. It was as good as reviewing charts before one set foot into a new land, and by the time he arrived at the Spawn, LWK knew he was home.

After thoroughly exploring Vetropolis and the Visitor's Center, LWK embarked by boat into the wild, striking out westward. In time, he arrived at an Extreme Hills biome that appeared promising, and upon exploring, discovered the remnant of an ancient civilization, the K'ain. Vowing to restore their Xhoirian Empire, LWK established a mining and farming post, eager to begin construction on the great city of Highmoor

Since then, he has adjusted to Vetronian life, and has contributed in several projects, most notably the construction of Vetropolis' National Archives. Construction on Highmoor Castle continues, and in time the surrounding city will bloom like a flower on a hilltop.

More to come as time passes!

Building Style

In LightWarriorK's own words:

"Daniel Burnham, who was the father of Chicago after the Great Fire, and many say of modern Planning, once said, "Make no small plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will not themselves be realized." This is the approach to my projects: Plan for the large scale. When laying out a project, determine the boundaries. Be general. A "plan" is merely that. It is not a design document. When you design in Minecraft down to the last block, you typically find problems with the design and are stuck. Rather, be flexible in your planning. As you move from the grandiose mega-plan to the details, so long as you're not committed to those detail beforehand, you will not have the heartache if they fail. Think on your feet and adapt to the conditions you're presented with.

This is why I am 100% against pre-flattening a 200x200 area before ever knowing what will go there. If the plans fall through, you're left with an ugly scar on the landscape. And if you're successful, it's still pretty ugly, in my opinion. It's also unrealistic. In real life, sites are flattened, yes, but only once the buildings have been identified and planned, not before. Marry your creation to the terrain, don't fight against it. Change what you need to, and leave the rest as natural as you can. Complete pre-flattening is lazy, and allows for less creativity.

Oftentimes, the greatest successes in Minecraft, for me, have come out of adapting a troublesome area. Recently, as I was completing the Vetronia National Archives, I ran into a creative snag while building the third floor. The plan was to have a series of rooms for regional archives, but as I started building the rooms I realized that I had neglected to consider the impact of hallways on the rooms sizes. Undetered, I was able to adapt the sizes of the rooms to meet my needs, and the result was a series of hallways that are intricate and maze-like. Perhaps not as open or grand as I originally saw it in my mind, but close and cozy works even better for libraries.

To summerize my building style, "Plan big, build big, and don't fight what is naturally in front of you.""


Notable Builds


Vetronia National Archives(external link)


Shadowmarch Castle(external link)