NetherSpartan5 has been playing on the VeteranCraft server since late December, 2012.

NetherSpartan5's In-Game Avatar
NetherSpartan5's In-Game Avatar
NetherSpartan5's Portrait, by Pherian
NetherSpartan5's Portrait, by Pherian


NetherSpartan5 found VeteranCraft, along with his brother lbraff, after he left the SinglePlayer realm of MineCraft. In SinglePlayer, he would build large and glorious towns off the top of his head. In real life, he enjoys learning about Social Studies, Military History, Government and listening to Strange Music.

While playing VeteranCraft, you can find him to be a quiet soul. Only to say "hello" when someone joins to hopefully set the person in a happy mood. He tends to stay out of chat, only when there is a question to be answered or someone talks bad about somebody else.

Minecraft History

NetherSpartan5 started playing MineCraft during the Infdev phase of the game, after his brother told him about a awesome "sandbox" game he found while watching YouTube. When he started his first world, Spartan became hooked, and began to build enormous buildings within the first day. He slowly began to leave MineCraft after he got bored with the game. But after finding out about the "Halloween Update", which introduced the Nether, Spartan decided to stick around a little longer after the update.
After starting an completely new world, Spartan quickly constructed a Nether Portal and entered the Hell world. To him, it was like finding a new "MineCraft". From the lava oceans to the glowstone spires, Spartan took in every aspect of the Nether with joy. While in Hell, Spartan worked on enormous "transit bridges" that connected to other parts of the world. After a couple more updates, and with the release of Beta, Spartan noticed that he was building massive towns, but no one to live in them. He came up with the idea to create a mini-server for his friends.
The server happened to be a great success among his friends and family, which included his wife (girlfriend at the time), both of his younger brothers and a few of his friends from school. During its lifespan, the server saw many buildings constructed, some, were Spartan's best work, including "The Empty Mountain", which he likes to tout about in chat. After a gloomy, and bitter period in Spartan's life, he took the server down from business.
With one of his greatest MineCraft worlds down, he began to look into the "mod and plugin" world of MineCraft. The next two worlds were decent to the Spartan, not as grand as the former worlds. But as his real life motto: If you get knocked down, you get back up. He decided to work on the worlds until he quit playing MineCraft. The first world was more of a "mod" ideal and it was very short-lived, as Spartan didn't like using mods that gave him an advantage over death. He began to work on his last singleplayer world: Spartan Kingdom V.
His fifth and final SinglePlayer was a turn point in Spartan's MineCraft adventure. While playing on this map, Quartz was added in a "Redstone Update" and Spartan was once again in the Nether. This time, he gave his little brother lbraff and created NetherSpartan5. The name, unlike others, has a meaning: Nether- Spartan's favorite thing in MineCraft, Spartan- His real life nickname, 5-The Number of Worlds he has used (although he has a deeper meaning for the number). While playing on this world, NetherSpartan again wanted to try out the server realm of MineCraft again. While searching Google, he noticed a word that caught his attention: Veteran.

VeteranCraft History

He clicked on the link. It was everthing he was looking for: A Mature and United Community to keep balance, 18+ Staff to prevent any "power-grabbers" from getting carried away, and glorious buildings that made his former worlds look like Slums. NetherSpartan5 joined on December 29th, 2012 as lbraff to test the water on the server. He was greeted by two people: Pherian and ChiefChamp. Both welcomed him onto the server with joy. The day went on as Spartan strolled through Vetropolis, ChiefChamp noticed this and brought Spartan to the Empire of Vetra. Spartan was amazed with how detailed and precise Vetra was and thought to himself "I need to build something like this". After Vetra, ChiefChamp showed him Highmoor, Rome and Avalon and the two formed a bond that day. After ChiefChamp left to take care of personal business, NetherSpartan left the game for he wanted to share the news with his brother. After playing for an hour, lbraff loved the server and the two mined for most of the night. Later that week, lbraff and NetherSpartan5 split ways on the server. Each building their own towns, and helping others.
After a couple of months, NetherSpartan began to construct Sparta. Although Sparta isn't as big as the other towns, NetherSpartan believes that one day, Sparta would rival these towns in power and glory. In need of help, Spartan sought the assistance of sioustorm, warfare2200, ikertxikuri and Hillers99. Spartan was now beginning to see his dreams of a powerful nation come true. Work on farms and massive buildings began, and Sparta was beginning to take shape. After the death of a family member, NetherSpartan left the server for a while. But after returning weeks later, NetherSpartan set progress into full blast. Constructing the districts of Thebes and Sparta and establishing a mining district in the Outer Reaches, NetherSpartan5 saw that nothing would be able to stop his ideas on this server, nothing could knock his progress. During the wonderful year of 2014, Spartan along with MikeB1974, constructed a new wall to replace the original Wall of Broadmeer.

Notable Builds

  • Mithundril


  • Mithundril
  • Sparta (Former town)
  • Havenshurg (Future)
  • Crumine (Private project)