Pherian has been playing on the VeteranCraft server since sometime in 2011.

Pherian In-Game Avatar
Pherian In-Game Avatar
Pherian's Portrait, by Pherian
Pherian's Portrait, by Pherian


What is there to say? Pick your favorite three people ever, mix them up in a burlap sack filled with the sexiest people in history, then dump that mixture into a blender made from angelic love, and you've got Pherian.

VeteranCraft History

This dude... Let me tell you. He's crazy.

Like... nutso.

He shows up, right? Just poof, he's in that dark tunnel lined with signs. He wanders around, reading signs, telling himself "This place seems fair." Then he's out in the plaza of Vetronia. At the time, it was pretty bland. Flat, open space, only a couple of buildings up. No ships, no port, no bank, no arenas, no visitor's center. So he's looking at this vast, blank area, and he thinks to himself "Ah, so this place is still starting up! Nice!"

Then what does he do? He starts swimming south. Just, you know, bobbing in the ocean. There were no squids then, so he's all the hell alone. Night and day passes and he's still just bobbing along. Passes a few small islands not worthy of his presence, watches chat roll by as people who know each other talk about God knows what. Then he spots land. Like, REAL land.

He hops ashore and is promptly told by the gods that he's in Capetown, owned by someone named Okarim. Well, that won't do. This cat isn't one to live in someone else's town. So he moves on. He rolls past Capetown, the big square that it is, and he continues into the wilderness. He passes someone’s shack on a hill. Sees a mediocre few buildings down near the shore. Nothing that seems appropriate for this grand land he’s ventured into.

Finally, he tops a crest and spies a bay. Not huge, nothing so large it’ll make heads spin, but there’s a bit of highlands past it and a swamp to its left and he thinks to himself “This would be a nice little smuggler’s port.” Baywalk. That’s what he’ll name it. So he sets up shop. Where?


That’s right. He finds himself a nice little place near the cliff and he digs into the wall, filling it behind him so that it’s impossible to find. He digs out a stairwell that goes down to the depths of Hell. He digs and digs until he’s filling chest after chest with cobblestone. He’s mining out coal and iron and redstone and gold and diamond. Days turn into weeks. When he gets tired of filling chests with goods he heads back to the surface. He starts laying down the cobblestone. And then Baywalk’s first building is constructed: the Inn.

But he’s got a LOT of cobblestone, so he keeps buildings. He builds the roads of Baywalk. He builds the sewers of Baywalk. He builds a farm, a tree lot, a library, public mine, shops, ship, light tower and more. Soon Baywalk is a bustling ghost town of cobble and wood. Before long, the little empty bay is filled with buildings and it looks like an actual establishment. Not bad for one man.

Still, this guy gets bored building these little structures. He wants to build something bigger. Something grand. He’s got a lot of cobble, why not use it.

So he builds a freaking football stadium.

To scale.

The Baywalk Breakers don’t even exist and they’ve got a glass-roofed stadium with suites and bathrooms and concession stands and more. The stadium can be seen from space. It’s larger than most towns. You can barely see the other side of it when you’re inside. It’s huge.

Still, this dude won’t stop. He thinks to himself, “There’s a nice hill behind Baywalk that’s not being used. Let me go build something there.”

So he does. And that’s how Hillwalk was built. Just a single man with no real plan putting down block after block until he turned barren land into something resembling civilization. Again, no one lives with him. He’s got a dozen buildings with nothing in them. You might think he’s lonely. But he’s not. He’s got voices in his head to keep him company, and they seem to like the strange way he builds.

Later, after ambling about in Hillwalk and Baywalk for a while, he gets this message from a guy he knows. This guy says, “I want to build a grand castle in Seraph’s Realm. Interested in helping?”

Grand? Castle? Seraph’s? Of course he’s interested. So Pherian packs his bags and sails off to Seraph’s Realm to find a suitable location for said grand castle. He wanders south, then west, and finds a land of rocky cliffs, ice-encrusted pine trees and slime-filled swamps. He decides this will be a good place. So he messages his contact, states he’s found the right spot, and begins.

Kerr Keep is what his fellow calls the place. Pherian doesn’t care. Pherian builds what he wants. He starts at a certain height, decides THAT’S where the walls will be, and starts laying down stone brick. Then he outlines the towers, then the courtyard, then the interior rooms. Soon there’s nothing original left in the area, just a massive castle built to overlook the area like a looming giant.

So Pherian says to himself, “Castle’s don’t just appear. This place needs someone to lord over!” And so he starts building the town.

He starts with the slums, edges them toward the swamp, builds the understreets, the undermarket, the overmarket, the alleys and crosswalks and elevated roads. He then moves across the Keep and starts with the high-income area. Three story buildings, white wood and beautiful, with courtyards and their own frozen lake. Then finally he starts the middle income area. Good buildings, winding multi-level streets, and enough store-fronts to make “something clever and funny goes here”.

So now Pherian had a town. He had the cramped slums, he had the bustling middle-income region, and he had the elaborate high-end district with a monastery that overlooks them.

Wait, a monastery!?

Why yes, he built a monastery to overlook the area too. Emulated’s Monastery for Gifted Youngsters is composed of four differently-tiered towers, a chapel, eating area, personal reflection garden and more. Below it is the frozen cattle farm, which is pretty much useless, but still, it’s there.

Pherian still wasn’t finished though. Kerr Keep’s town needed more. Needed more houses, needed more fictional inhabitants, needed more… bath-houses?!

That’s right! He built a bath-house as well! Located in the wealthy district, it has multiple pools for dipping and relaxing as well as a massive natatorium for distance swims. All pools are natural, having existed as frozen lakes before Pherian bent the world to his powerful will.

And what will he build next?! THIS GUY. RIGHT? JEEZ.

Notable Builds

Baywalk. Hillwalk. Infinity Field. Kerr Keep. The Eiffel Tower. That house the bears live in from the Goldilocks story. Falling Water. Eden. Kate Upton. Oh, yeah. That'll work.